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Amazon Posts, a promising image-based Amazon social media network launched in late 2019, is a promising image-based Amazon social media platform. Superova Group Internet Marketing Firm, an Amazon advertising agency, can assist you in jumping on the trend early and reaping the benefits. Show up for free on your competitors’ listings, highlight your products with outstanding lifestyle content, and raise your sales with an expert Amazon Posts plan.

Amazon Posts Profile Creation and Set Up

Sign in with your advertising console or Seller Central credentials to create Amazon Posts. Our Amazon advertising agency covers the conditions for getting started, such as having the correct type of Amazon account, becoming a member of the Amazon Brand Registry, and having an Amazon Store. We remove any impediments to developing your Posts profile.

Stellar Product and Lifestyle Content

Posts allow you to exhibit your products in a fresh light and demonstrate how they can be used in a variety of ways. We develop great lifestyle content to make your business more relatable and to persuade customers to buy. We also make certain that your clients see high-quality, well-optimized product photos on your product listings.

Amazon Post Creative Submission

When submitting your Amazon Posts for approval, we adhere to best practices and resolve issues of rejected creatives. We can increase functionality and optimize visual components by formatting all of your Amazon Posts. We make certain that each photograph adheres to Amazon Post's creative acceptance rules in terms of colour format, display aspect ratio, file format, maximum file size, and quality.

Amazon Posts Analytics

Amazon Posts offers data and a downloadable report on visible impressions (views), engagement (clicks), and engagement rates, which show how many customers clicked on your Post against how many viewed it. We use your performance data to predict the optimum times to post Amazon Posts for greatest ROI. We examine how well your Posts perform and what appeals to your followers before optimizing them based on data-driven marketing decisions.

Amazon Advertising Posts Strategy

Amazon determines where your Posts will appear based on relevance and interaction. Our Amazon agency creates a tailored plan to increase the reach of your posts, increase engagement, and grow your following. We select your brand feed and schedule your Posts because the higher your engagement, the more Amazon will show your Posts.

Amazon Post Optimization

Amazon Standard Identification Numbers are used to identify products with your posts (ASINs). Our Amazon Posts services ensure that the correct ASIN and product listing are included to each Post in order to enhance conversions. Using Amazon product listing optimization strategies, we optimize your product description, pricing, and star rating.

Amazon Post Copywriting

We generate and manage all of your Amazon Post captions, tailoring them to your brand voice and emphasizing the features that set you apart from competitors. We also assist you in communicating a clear call to action to convert browsers into consumers. Our Amazon marketing firm gets inventive while sticking to Amazon's requirements because there are highly specific constraints on caption language that sellers would not suspect.

Quality Assurance

We run a tight quality assurance procedure for all of your Amazon content, closely monitoring publishing, product load time, and correct Post display. We make certain that each Post catches your followers' attention and sets you apart from the competition. Because we handle all Amazon Publish compliance, you will never post any restricted products or content.

Amazon Post

A typical Amazon Post is similar to a social media post. It includes your brand’s logo, name, image, and caption, but it’s the purchasing function that distinguishes Amazon Posts: Shoppers who find value in your Posts and feed can click the “Follow” button to receive Post updates and the option to purchase the product mentioned in the Post.


SUPEROVA is an Amazon advertising firm that has been growing Amazon brands since 2019. Trust our Amazon management firm to present a different side of your brand with tailored lifestyle content and ongoing engagement. We increase your customer base and build brand loyalty through our Amazon Posts services and Amazon listing optimization.

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