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Amazon SEO Services

In our increasingly mobile world, connecting with audiences looking for products means having a presence on To increase Amazon sales for your products, you must have an effective SEO presence that makes your items come up in search for your target markets. By now, you’re probably surrounded by those Amazon Prime delivery trucks. They seem to be everywhere these days. And for good reason. Amazon continues to dominate United States retail eCommerce sales. The benefits of Amazon SEO are clear to businesses looking to improve their bottom line. Working with an Amazon SEO company that excels in Amazon SEO is a central component in making that happen.

Seller Account Setup

Our Amazon SEO firm will collaborate with an Amazon Sales Agent to set up your account, add your products, and create an inbound shipping strategy. Then, our Amazon SEO service ensures that your account is prepared for product sales.

Amazon Account Audit

Our Amazon SEO firm will perform a thorough analysis of your existing account and product listings. We'll identify any issues that need to be addressed, assess the quality of your existing listings and campaigns, and then develop a strategy implementation plan for boosting your product sales. Once authorized, our staff will optimize your product listings so that they rank higher for keywords with significant search volume within your product categories.

Ongoing Optimizations

We will continue to identify keyword opportunities, increase the number of product reviews, and optimize the price, headlines, and product descriptions. This procedure is dynamic and will continue until its completion!

Amazon Listing Optimization

Our Amazon SEO business will create original product descriptions, optimized titles, and persuasive content. We will also utilize your existing creative assets to produce a set of dynamic images designed to attract, inform, and encourage people to make a purchase. For Amazon Brand Registered Sellers, our team will create compelling A+ Content tailored to offer your brand's story, unique product information, and comparison charts to assist buyers in making the best purchasing selections. For Brand-Registered vendors with several products, we will also create a dedicated Amazon Brand Store that enables customers to browse their entire inventory. These stores let sellers to create a branded experience within the larger Amazon marketplace, where customers can not only explore full product lines, but also see video content and follow the brand for updates on new product launches.

Seller Brand Setup

We will assist you in coordinating with the Amazon client services team to establish your Amazon Brand Registry. After completing the setup process, you become eligible for A+-branded content. Moreover, your trademarked product will be safeguarded.

Competitor Research

As part of our comprehensive account audit, our Amazon SEO agency will use best-in-class tools to identify your top competitors and identify opportunities to capture share from them. Specific tactics may include pricing, deals, coupons, offensive targeting, and targeting related product categories.

Buy Box Management

Not everyone on Amazon is interested in the success of your brand. It is possible for leeches to attempt to hijack your items and steal your rankings. You can rest confident that the exclusivity of your brand will be safeguarded by our Amazon SEO agency. We specialize in leech removal in the Amazon.

Amazon Review Strategies

Ratings and reviews have a substantial impact on Amazon's search engine optimization and on Amazon customers' purchasing decisions. Because of this, Thrive advises adopting a proactive approach to Amazon Ratings & Reviews. Our Amazon Strategists will utilize a third-party application to automate Rating & Review requests in accordance with Amazon's stringent guidelines. For optimal review gathering, these automated requests will be branded, tailored, and timed according to the seller's demands. Additionally, this service offers review notification. These alerts allow vendors to rapidly address any unfavorable customer experiences, so boosting the possibility that negative reviews will be erased or modified.

Amazon PPC Services

Our Amazon advertising PPC specialists will manage and enhance the performance of your Amazon sponsored advertisements. You will acquire customers through automatic, manual, and social channels with a high ROI and a low ACoS.

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Since 2019, Superova Group has grown from a modest, local digital marketing firm to one that now works with clients all over the world to digitally change their businesses. Our ability to deliver the type of work that can improve Amazon sales is one of the reasons for our growth.

Our clients understand that we have established ourselves as Amazon experts and can transfer that into a thriving bottom line. Superova’s Amazon listing optimization solution keeps you ahead of the competition.