SPG Car Rents is a leading car rental company that provides a novel and innovative method of renting automobiles. We strive to provide all of our customers with a seamless and trouble-free rental experience.


In Tanzania, our services go beyond self-driving. We will be present to ensure that people who hire cars with drivers have the finest time in Tanzania. Our drivers are extremely professional and humble individuals. You will have a great time with us.


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SPG CAR RENTALS will be accessible for international guests coming to Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salam, Tanzania for tourism, state delegates, and other objectives such as business, family visits, or event attendance.

We provide a team of flexible and dependable drivers/chauffeurs to collect you up and drop you off at the airport and be available for your daily activities in Tanzania, as well as a taxi service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those booking car rental services with us will receive a complimentary airport shuttle pick-up.



Through our Safari vehicle rental, SPG CAR RENTALS has designed tour packages for international guests travelling to Tanzania. We have a fleet of 4×4 extended land cruisers, 4×4 land cruiser Prado, Super customs, and Rav 4s to facilitate your travel to any national park or any tourism destinations in Tanzania or the neighbouring countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia. If you plan to go on a safari in any of Tanzania’s destinations, we can provide you with English- and French-speaking guides who are friendly, professional, and hospitable, easing the burden of moving around and ensuring your satisfaction during your stay. Call us now:+255755022098


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Looking for wedding automobiles to add to the ambience of your wedding? SPG CAR RENTALS is the answer. We provide both locals and foreigners with a diverse range of trendy Tanzania wedding car hire services. We are based in Dar es Salaam and provide dependable services to a wide range of clientele. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, we will provide you with a car as well as a skilled chauffeur who knows his way around Dar es Salaam and its surrounding areas. so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or coming late to your party therefore you will get a service worth every penny you pay. Don’t worry too much about your wedding day; let us assist you today and provide you a package that will reduce your expenses while increasing your convenience. From luxurious bridal automobiles to well-dressed chauffeurs. We make certain that our customers receive exactly what they paid for. We also provide HONEYMOON PACKAGES for newlyweds, which include both lodging and transportation.
If you are planning a wedding in Tanzania and are looking for economical and dependable Tanzania wedding car hire services, we can provide you with some of the most fashionable luxury bridal cars that will make your entourage as spectacular and unforgettable as possible. We have the ideal car to spice up your event, whether you want to rent a limousine, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Range Rover, or a beautiful antique car for carrying the bride, groom, and escorting the convoy.

Call us now:+255755022098


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SPG CAR RENTALS provides vehicles to business executives, company personnel on retreats, tourists, and hotels with a high occupancy of visitors that require cars. We will deliver the vehicle to your workplace. SPG automobile RENTALS also provides an automobile for personal use at your residence. We deliver the cleaned and fueled car to your home. We hire cars for celebrities such as artists who need cars for their event performances.Self-drive vacations allow you to travel at your own leisure, with the added flexibility of adjusting your itinerary and the pleasure of seeing amazing sites up close. Explore Tanzania’s beautiful landscapes, scenery, and culture, and welcome people on your own with SPG CAR RENTALS.


Daily Car Rental

Here at SPG CAR RENTALS, we offer Daily Car Rentals so that our guests have the freedom to explore all corners of Tanzania throughout their stay.
We can accommodate any temporary staffing need you may have.

Long-Term Car Rental

Have you put off saving for a car because you’re going on a long trip or because you just can’t afford it right now? You should rent an automobile for an extended period of time. When you need convenient, cost-effective transportation for a prolonged period of time, look no farther than SPG CAR RENTALS.

Temporary Car Rental

Have a short-term need for a vehicle, such as a weekend getaway, work travel, or emergency situation? When renting a car, SPG CAR RENTALS is prepared for anything. We’re happy to provide you with an indefinite car rental. We have the best automobiles available, and our prices are fair.

Concierge Chauffer

SPG CAR RENTALS has covered you whether you need a car and concierge driver for a few hours or a few months. Each of SPG’s concierge drivers wears a uniform with grooming standards and good hospitality and the ability to converse in English, French, and other languages. You may relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about anything other than getting where you’re going safely and quickly.

Direct Car Transfer

We can deliver a pristine vehicle, complete with fuel, to your office, home, or wherever else you may be at your convenience. If you use our Direct vehicle Transfer services, you can cut costs and gain more time in your day.


Cross-Country Drive with a View

We have built up the infrastructure, vehicle capability, and support services necessary for urban and rural travel throughout the years.
Customers as well as companies can benefit from self-driving options. Have fun customizing your own transportation services.

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