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Digital Organization.

Every company must address the question, "How do I set up my organization for a digital transformation?" when they embark on their digital journey.


We went out to address our clients' most pressing concerns concerning the organizational aspects of digital transformation:


1.  Organization Structure

What is the right organizational structure for a digital transformation or business?


2. Leadership

Which leaders should “own” digital (for example, do I need a Chief Digital Officer)?

3. Culture

What cultural mind-sets are important in a digital transformation, and how can I build them?

4. Operating model

How do I set up my teams’ operating model to be more agile?

5.Talent and skills

What digital talent do I require, and how should my HR practices be tailored to this population?

6.Sequencing the journey

How can I begin the process of digital organizational change? How quickly should I move? When are the most difficult phases?


Leaders are rushing to create digital organizations that offer actual value to their businesses. Their success is marked by the following characteristics:


1.Creating a digital organizational structure that closely matches with their entire digital strategy and how they intend to extract value from digital.



2. Appointing digital leaders who, rather than typical hierarchical executives, lead like venture capitalists or growth equity investors; delegate significant control to teams; and track progress on monthly or quarterly key performance indicators.



3. Embedding a specific set of agile management practices that are crucial to achieving organizational success and health; firms who can achieve both speed and stability will triumph.



1.       Strategically collecting and promoting digital talent and leadership, defining new career paths based on experiences (rather than necessarily controlling or following existing hierarchies), and emphasizing autonomy and purpose over income

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