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An IT audit is the study and evaluation of an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications, data use and management, policies, procedures, and operational processes against recognized standards or established policies.

Why IT Audit is important

Many firms, regardless of size or scope of operation, have realized the need of utilizing information technology to stay ahead in today’s global context. Companies have invested in information systems because they understand the multiple advantages IT can offer to their operations. Management should recognize the need of ensuring that IT systems are dependable, secure, and resistant to cyber threats.

The goal of information security is to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Data confidentiality refers to the protection of information against disclosure to unauthorized parties. Bank account statements, commercial secrets, and personal information should all be kept private and discreet. Protecting this data is an important aspect of information security.

Data integrity refers to the safeguarding of information from unlawful modification. Only when information has not been tampered with is it valuable. Inappropriately updated information can be costly, such as if you completed a $1,000 transaction and someone changed it to $100,000. Data protection from unwanted manipulation is critical in information security.

The availability of information refers to ensuring that authorized individuals have access to the information as and when it is required. In this day and age, denying legitimate users access to information is a very regular assault. Natural calamities such as floods or incidents such as power outages or fire can also prevent users from accessing data. Back-up is essential for ensuring data availability. Backup data should ideally be stored in a remote location to ensure its protection, but this distance should account for the time required to recover the backed-up data.

Why you should select Superova Group as your business partner.

Superova Group’s IT auditors work with you from the design and installation of information systems to verify that the three components of information security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) are met. Our IT auditors work on high-risk systems to ensure proper IT controls are in place, audit existing information systems, provide technical support to other auditors, and provide IT risk consultation services.

Superova’s IT auditors employ ISACA-recommended general tools, technical guides, and other resources.

Superova Group assists you in establishing the objectives and scope of the audit, devising an audit plan to fulfill your business objectives, gathering information on key IT controls and evaluating them (groundwork), testing, and finally reporting on the audit results. Furthermore, Super Group will assist you in the follow-up process to determine whether any audit team recommendations have been implemented and to handle any emergent issues.

In summary, an information systems audit is critical because it ensures that IT systems are effectively protected, deliver correct information to users, and are properly managed to accomplish their intended benefits. It also decreases the danger of data tampering, data loss or leakage, service disruption, and poor IT system management.