Superova Group

IT Project Optimization

Superova assists its clients in completing key information technology projects on schedule and within budget, while optimizing business impact and value.

Delivering large-scale IT-enabled initiatives is vital to a company’s success, therefore any problems can be disastrous. Significant cost overruns occur in about 90 percent of such programs. Project teams must excel in four areas to avoid this: project strategy, technical competence, capability building, and project management.


We assist clients in ensuring the success of large IT projects and in turning around projects that are off course. We have created a proprietary Value Assurance technique that we have used with clients in both the public and commercial sectors across a variety of industries. This unique strategy combines a comprehensive and coherent view of an IT project, a focus on business value, and a focus on transferring competencies to client teams to ensure sustainability.


Four-dimensional strength

1. Managing strategy and stakeholders include maintaining continual alignment of the project with the business strategy and value objectives, conducting a complete study of stakeholder positions, managing vendors, and proactively identifying and mitigating risks.

2.Mastering technology and content entails addressing the project’s technical and nontechnical aspects, such as IT architecture and infrastructure design, functionality design, quality assurance, migration and rollout strategies, and project scope management.

3.Building teams and capacities leverages Superova Group’s track record and expertise to ensure alignment with project goals at each organizational level, as well as to support end-to-end change management. We also give specific training modules and coaching on hard and soft skills to the client’s project team.

4.Best-practice project management entails establishing a Value Assurance Office, developing rigorous processes for managing change requests and resolving issues, monitoring the project’s master plan, and establishing a reporting system and quality gates.


To get a project started, we run a diagnostic that identifies important obstacles and areas of strength in each dimension. Following the client workshop, the findings are discussed and next steps are developed. Some clients may require an “emergency” response, requiring a 6-week project, while others may require a multiyear ongoing endeavor.