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Every day, technology evolves. In the near future, we will be in the realm of AI and Machine learning, where everything will be digitalized. 5G internet will be available shortly, but businesses will face a talent shortage. Our objective is to prepare you for future work opportunities by training you.

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Our children are the country's and businesses' most valuable assets in the future. Children will shape our future planet. If you are a primary school, please contact us so that we can assist you in preparing your students for the future of 5G.


Our customer service is available at 24 hours in 7 days a week.

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    Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning

    Do you wish to address complex problems at work or within your department? so that your company may quickly increase operations. Learn AI & ML today!

    Introduction of Cross-Border e-commerce

    Most people believe that e-commerce is simply buying and selling online, but this is not the case. E-commerce is a thriving career today and in the future, and data indicates that there is a talent shortage in this industry.

    Introduction of Cyber Security

    Every day, there is an increase in online fraud and theft. Learning how to protect yourself and your company's data and money is critical for success in the future of technology.

    Introduction of Cross border e-commerce Logistics

    We've all heard of AMAZON, ALIBABA, and other big e-commerce corporations. When you buy a parcel on Amazon from the United States, you get your stuff within 7 days. However, you cannot receive your parcel unless highly competent e-commerce logisticians are there to help, and are in charge of handling this difficult process. Learn today.

    Introduction of Digital Transformation

    Every company aspires to digitally adapt its core business activities in order to keep up with future technological advances. However, skill is scarce in this profession. Learn how to bridge the gap in this field today.

    Commerce data analysis & visualization

    Is your company weak in data-driven decisions? Do you struggle with how to analyze data and communicate data insights in the form of visualization to your boss? Learn how to present data in a visual style today.
    Gideon E-commerce Logistics

    I am working in the e-commerce industry in china. I started this job as an intern at the college my role was to sell the products on Amazon since I started the internship I did not achieve my target. I decided to learn e-commerce courses from the SUPEROVA group, and now I achieved the target and now I am promoted.

    Amelia My child learned AI and ML

    I am really inspired by the job done with SUPEROVA GROUP to teach our children who are studying in primary school how to design and develop toy robotics. It is amazing.

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