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About our SCAC

As a top Key Opinion Leader (KOL) service, SUPEROVA CHINA-AFRICA CONNECT (SCAC) helps Chinese
manufacturers build strategic ties with African markets and connects African manufacturers with possible
Chinese customers. By having a deep knowledge of both the Chinese and African business environments,
we help bridge the gap between these two fast-paced markets and build relationships that are good for
both sides

Our Mission

SUPEROVA CHINA-AFRICA CONNECT(SCAC) is to empower manufacturers on both
continents to thrive in the global market by providing unparalleled KOL services, and strategic insights, and
facilitating cross-border collaborations. We are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial
partnerships that contribute to the economic growth and cultural exchange between China and Africa

KOL Marketing and Brand Advocacy:

We market products and brands with influential Chinese and African online KOLs. Industry experts, influencers, and thought leaders in our KOL network can successfully explain our customers’ products’ value proposition to the target audience.

Market Research and Insights:

Our team finds Chinese and African market trends, preferences, and opportunities through extensive market research. We assist manufacturers in customising their products and marketing tactics to target customers’ needs with actionable

Cross-Border Business Development:

SUPEROVA CHINA-AFRICA CONNECT (SCAC) helps Chinese Manufacturers expand into Africa and vice versa through business development. This covers
distribution network setup, building connections, and strategic alliances with local business collaborations

Cultural and Regulatory Consultation:

We help navigate China and Africa’s cultural and regulatory
differences. Understanding customer preferences, regulatory frameworks, and compliance
requirements helps our clients enter markets smoothly.

E-commerce Facilitation:

With e-commerce growing in importance, we help manufacturers set up and optimise their online presence. Set up stores on major platforms such as Amazon.eBay, Home Depot. Jumia, Walmart, Alibaba and Others, apply successful digital marketing techniques and manage online sales channels.

Tradeshows/Expo Management:

SUPEROVA CHINA-AFRICA CONNECT (SCAC) hosts industry events, trade exhibitions, and conferences for companies from both areas to network. These
gatherings promote product launches, idea sharing, and collaboration.

Supply Chain Optimization:

We help manufacturers optimise their supply chain processes for international operations. This involves logistics management, inventory optimisation, locating an overseas warehouse, and finding cost-effective solutions to improve overall efficiency.


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