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SMS Marketing Services

Increase Brand Engagement by Sending Targeted, Timely Messages

Are you having trouble getting your brand
message to the right people at the right time? Superova Group’s innovative SMS and MMS marketing services will get your brand closer to your target audience.

As a Klaviyo partner, we only employ cutting-edge text message marketing tools to assure timely message delivery and accurate tracking of campaign results. Incorporate SMS/MMS marketing with your
digital marketing activities to create a more personal connection with your

What Is SMS Marketing?

Ensure Fast and
Reliable Customer Communications

New technologies have enabled 24/7 customer
relationships in today’s digital world. Consumers are increasingly asking for
authentic brand encounters that have a personal, human touch and are not fueled by algorithms as technology improves.

Text message marketing is a low-cost
marketing approach for engaging existing consumers and driving new business through rapid, individualized communication.

SMS marketing, also known as short message service, is a simple text messaging service that is used to send promotions,
announcements, and other types of messages to specific audience segments using permission-based, opt-in text messages.

Brands must obtain explicit authorization
from customers via contest submissions, online opt-in forms, or texting a
specific keyword or short code for all SMS text messaging marketing activities.
Using promotional text marketing campaigns without this clear consent is an
invasion of privacy and a violation of the law.

Superova Group is a recognized text message marketing services provider committed to assisting businesses of all
sizes harness the potential of SMS marketing to produce high-converting leads
and gain loyal customers. Our SMS marketing service has helped many businesses raise client awareness and strengthen brand relationships – we can do the same
for you!

Join forces with our text marketing firm and let us assist you in making the most of SMS mobile marketing