Superova Group

Solution In Banking

Solution in Banking

Superiora Group provides banking institutions with a variety of business solutions to promote their brand and services on the market: We undertake extensive market research to determine the bank’s present and potential target audience, gaps, and issues, as well as how its brand and services are viewed in the marketplace.


Additionally, we provide and educate a professional sales staff to advertise and sell their services in the field, resulting in a guaranteed boost in brand visibility and client acquisition in their particular areas.

The following services are available to financial institutions:


Market research:

 • To identify existing and potential target segments

 • Data collection on target segments and customer satisfaction

• To identify existing strengths to improve, as well as gaps and challenges with the bank’s sales and marketing strategies in order to implement the most effective solutions

• To determine the most effective techniques to implement in order to distinguish themselves from the competition

Sales workforce

• Recruitment of salespersons to expand the bank’s sales force (based on their individual qualifications and banking sector experiences)

• Training on the bank’s values and code of conduct

• Training on the bank’s products, account opening and lending procedures

• Instruction in data collecting and reporting tactics for their supervisor, including: general customer observations and preferences, customer needs and queries, reasons for dormant accounts, offered remedies, sales outcomes, etc.

-Customer service such as telephone and email etiquette


 E-commerce design, implementation, and employee training in the following duties:

-blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in banking

 – Electronic billing

-eWallet creation and account synchronization

 -B2B innovation


-E-Channels distribution.