Superova Group

Solution in Insurance

Superova Group offers a variety of business solutions to insurance firms in order to boost their market presence and advertise their vast array of insurance services. We do extensive market research in order to define the target client segment and the optimal value proposition adapted to the segment’s individual needs.


We train and provide a professional sales team to help advertise and sell their insurance packages through door-to-door and face-to-face interactions with existing and prospective customers: A guaranteed rise in brand visibility and market distinction will result from more direct and professional client contact and information exchange.

 Market Research

• To identify existing and new target categories in order to determine the ideal plan for serving the market with a customized customer experience, product line, and distribution strategy;


Sales Taskforce


• Determine client satisfaction levels

• To identify existing strengths to improve, as well as gaps and obstacles in the company’s sales and marketing strategy in order to adopt the most effective solutions.

• To determine the most effective techniques to implement in order to distinguish themselves from the competition

• Training on the insurance company’s values and code of conduct

 • Training on insurance policies, tailored packages, and underwriting procedures

• Daily supervision and monitoring of sales progress & achievements

·       Selling service online and service optimization

·       Verbiage and Telephone Etiquette in customer service