Superova Group

Solution in Manufacturing B2B

Superova Group offers a variety of business techniques to help manufacturing companies increase their sales distribution across their target market with the assistance of our highly trained sales force and to obtain customers from their target markets.

We provide retail and manufacturing firms with the following services:


• To identify existing and other potential market segments

• To identify demographics of target audiences and conducting research to better understand their needs, demands, and what motivates them to purchase the product

 • To identify strengths to enhance, as well as gaps and challenges in the company’s branding and sales strategies in order to implement the best solutions

• To identify existing strengths to be enhanced, as well as gaps and obstacles in the company’s branding and sales strategy in order to apply the most effective solutions.

• To determine the most effective techniques to implement in order to distinguish themselves and their products from the competition.

• To determine the most effective communication channels to help enhance product awareness.


• Selection of independent sales representatives (based on their individual qualifications and experiences in sales)

• Training on our client’s products, including price, product information, product differentiation from similar competing products on the market, product benefits, and features of products in the same range, etc.

• Diverse sales and advertising strategies and venues, including door-to-door, supermarkets, and stores (depending on the type of product sold).

• Instruction on data collecting and reporting tactics for their supervisor, including general consumer observations and preferences, sales performance, customer demands and queries, etc.