We design for everyone.
We provide on-trend designs, user-friendly tools, and support options that enable any small business owner, regardless of design expertise, to create expertly designed marketing materials.

Easy experience.
We assist small business owners produce the goods they need to get the job done fast and effectively, with suggestions, inspiration, and experts on hand.

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A Little About Us

SPG PRINT is one of the best printing companies in Tanzania. It gives a new and innovative way to get good design and printing materials. SPG PRINT is owned by SUPEROVA GROUP, which is the market leader in digital transformation in the region

Business Card, Postcards & Printing Ads
Signs, Banners & Posters. Labels, stickers & packaging.
Clothing & Bags. Promotional Products. Invitations & stationaries.
Design Logo & Website. Home & Gifts.

Where small businesses get big ideas

SG Print, a Print brand, assists small business owners in creating properly created, up-to-date custom marketing materials and the assortment of products they require to appear professional, prepared, and connected.

Yes, we did say assortment. True, we’re best known for our business cards, and we’ve printed billions of them throughout the years.

Today, however, SG Print provides much more: a diverse choice of customizable small company marketing goods; real-time access to expert ideas and support for those in need; and a simple, clear experience for those who know exactly what they want.

When we put it all together, our customers can quickly create a uniform, unified look for their whole organization, whether they operate in-store, online, on-site, or on the go. With that, they can confidently go through a door, knowing they can stay up with the competition and make things happen right now.

Because this isn’t just a test. It’s a golden opportunity. SG Print is ready to assist small company owners in OWNING THE NOW.

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