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On May 3, 2023, the CEO of SUPEROVA GROUP with his delegates attended the 9th edition of the Impact Business Breakfast (IBB) conference, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tanzania.

On May 3, 2023, at six o’clock in the morning, the CEO of Superova group with his delegates arrived at the Hyatt Hotel to attend the IBB-organized meeting. Impact Business Breakfast (IBB) is an intellectual platform designed to influence and share experiences among professionals with similar backgrounds. IBB is a platform for inspiring, influencing, and sharing our journeys to create professionals of international calibre.
“Achieving a high-performance workplace with young professionals” was the key theme. To empower young professionals with the necessary abilities to flourish in their roles while also using their values and characteristics to customize leadership styles. Speakers are carefully chosen to do this, focusing on specialists with extensive knowledge and a strong commitment to giving back to their communities. The research and market analysis enables the organizers of IBB to identify gaps in various industries and build themes that fill these gaps.

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The meeting was quite beneficial since it taught us how to assess employee performance and how to motivate staff to produce good results and reach high performance. The most common difficulty is employee retention, even among individuals who are promoting themselves because they are unhappy in their existing roles, particularly among young professionals. It is tough to oversee the performance of young professionals because they have varied personalities and expectations.
The only advice conference presenters gave was that as a manager or director, you should avoid criticizing and respecting people reporting to you. If you must assign them duties, assign them simple activities and teach them how to control their expectations. Everything begins with recruiting and hiring; during an interview, you can learn about a candidate’s expectations and estimate his future performance at work.

Brenda Msangi (right side), Mozah Sechonge (left side) and Zahoro Mwaji (in the middle)

The session featured high-level speakers such as Ambassador Mwanaidi Sinare-Majaar and Professor Musa Assad. Brenda Msangi, representing Generation X, will share her wealth of experience managing intergenerational teams at her workplace, Mozah Sichonge, representing the millennial generation, will be involved in managing Millennials and all four generations in the workplace, and Mr Zahoro Muhaji will represent millennials from an employer’s perspective. Panelist Brenda Msangi talked about her experiences with leadership style and strategies on how to seamlessly integrate multiple generations in the workplace and also talked about diverse perspectives by sharing her different career stories. Panelist Zahoro Muhaji talked about Career growth with many inspirational stories from how he started his career and achieved his goals at a young age. Panelist Mozah Sechonge talked about Personal Growth when it comes to skills and increasing confidence in social situations.

The ultimate purpose of IBB is to advise and motivate Tanzanian professionals to widen their horizons and attain worldwide standards, establishing a professional culture across industries. The platform is designed for those who understand the value of ongoing learning and applying new knowledge in their industries.

Superova’s CEO is networking with other participants

The CEO of the Superova group met with the different participants at the conference, and they exchanged ideas, particularly on technology. The CEO of the Superova group criticized digital transformation, as most studies indicate that digital transformation in Africa, particularly in Tanzania, is still inadequate. The majority of businesses and even public institutions do not wish to alter their status quo, as he stated, ”People like change, but they do not wish to be altered”. If African companies want to survive in the future and obtain a competitive advantage on a global scale, he recommends that they begin to digitally transform their operations and invest more in innovation and sustainability. He returned to Artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are criticized by the world’s most prominent billionaires and technology experts, such as Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, and Arthur D. Levinson, the owner of Apple, who demanded that AI be stopped because it will demolish the world. The CEO of Superova stated that AI cannot be stopped without government support and involvement and that many people, including writers, customer service representatives, designers, and others, will lose their employment. Chat GPT will be replaced by GPT-4, which was created by Open AI to handle all writing and design tasks. ”I am concerned about the future of 5G technology, where everything will be digitized, but humans will remain human,” he said, adding, “Even though a robotic will do everything, it can’t think strategically and it can’t smell; as AI experts, we are still experimenting with developing robotics with the capacity to smell.”

We are aware that digital technology has taken over the world. There is pressure on rapid technological change, and there is intense competition on the Internet because all buyers make purchase decisions on the Internet before making any purchases. Some customers have begun to purchase products and services online as the number of physical stores continues to decline. This is why the Superova group offers the following services that are tailored to your expansion and competitive advantage:


We bridge the gap between your business and potential customers with our experience and expertise by implementing the right digital strategies, guaranteeing you the best support to reach your monthly Business Goals and sales targets and gain a competitive edge in a future where everything will be digitalized.

Superova Group Sales & Marketing Executive is mingling with attendees.

In addition to the CEO of Superova, the sales and marketing executive also attended the event. The sales and marketing executive spoke to the attendants, describing the company’s history and the mission that brought it to Tanzania. Superova seeks to digitally transform Africa. The executive had the opportunity to network with other participants by learning about new opportunities and exchanging ideas and information on how the company can expand its market presence by exchanging contact information with other participants from different industries.

   Superova Group HQ

SUPEROVA GROUP is a digital transformation agency that connects China and Africa by providing cutting-edge knowledge and technology. The agency helps businesses from many sectors boost digital brand awareness and digital transformation, get a technological edge and fill Africa’s skills gap.

Do you want to digitally revolutionize your company from the ground up? Do you wish to help your staff grow their technological and strategic skills? Do you have concerns about network security and hackers? Are you concerned about finding accredited short courses in technology? Are you a startup that doesn’t understand how to brand strategically from design? Contact us today; our customer support is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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