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Your Partner in Building Future-Ready Capabilities

your trusted partner in capability-building services for future digital transformation. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying competitive and relevant requires a strategic approachto embrace digital technologies.


SUPEROVA LEARNING is dedicated to assisting organizations like yours in navigating this digital revolution successfull

Our Vision:

SUPEROVA LEARNING envisions a future where every organization,
regardless of its size or industry, can harness the power of digital technologies to thrive in the modern business landscape. We believe that digital transformation is not merely a technological upgrade but a holistic process that encompasses culture, strategy, and capability building

Our Mission:

At SUPEROVA LEARNING, our mission is to empower businesses of all
sizes to thrive in the digital age. We understand that digital transformation is not merely about adopting new
technologies but about fostering a culture of innovation, upskilling your workforce, and optimizing your processes for the digital era. Our comprehensive capability-building services are designed to support your journey every step of the way.


SUPEROVA LEARNING Digital transformation (SLDT) program plays a
critical role in helping your organization adapt to the evolving digital
landscape and stay competitive.

Here’s how the SUPEROVA LEARNING DT program can help your company.

  • Enhancing Digital Skills
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Adopting New Technologies
  • Improving Digital Literacy
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Data Utilization
  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Building a Digital Culture


SUPEROVA LEARNING Management Science and Engineering (SLMSE) plays a crucial role in capacity building within your organization. MSE is an interdisciplinary field that combines principles from engineering, mathematics, economics, and management to optimize decision-making processes and enhance organizational performance. 


Here’s how the SUPEROVA LEARNING MSE program can help your company:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making
  • Resource Optimization
  • Innovation and Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Data Analysis and Forecasting
  • Optimal Resource Allocation


Finally, digitally successful businesses need SUPEROVA LEARNING Digital Leadership (SLDL)
capacity building. It gives leaders and staff the ability to use technology, innovate, make educated decisions, and lead digital transformation. This helps companies stay competitive and nimble in a digital world. It involves developing the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary for leaders to navigate and thrive in a digital environment.

Here’s how the SUPEROVA LEARNING Digital Leadership (SLDL) program can help your company 

  • Technology Change Management:
  • Digital Adaptive Leadership
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making Leadership
  • Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEQ)
  • Digital Resilience and Well-being
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Strategic Thinking in Leadership

Capacity Building Team

Miss Li Zi

Li Zi, a Zhejiang University journalism graduate and former CCTV reporter, joined Alibaba in 2003. He founded the Coffee Dog Network logistics platform in 2015, managed the Google Experience Center and Hangzhou "Belt and Road" Network Trade Promotion Center in 2017, and established Chuanghai Consulting in 2019 to aid cross-border e-commerce brands. He is a Google Certified Black Belt Instructor and a mentor for the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Youth Federation.

Isagah Tupokigwe

Isagah is an expert in e-government services with over six years of experience, particularly for low-income communities. She collaborates with international organizations to explore the potential and implications of AI for communities and helps shape responsible AI policies for cities. She holds a PhD in Information Systems from Koblenz University, Germany, and conducts workshops and conferences on digital government transformation and AI for social good.

P r o f . Y u x i n Mao

Yuxin Mao, an associate professor at Zhejiang Gongshang University, holds a PhD from Zhejiang University (2008). His research focuses on Data Mining in E-Commerce, Online Consumer Behavior, Social Network Analysis, and Digital Economics. He's a senior member of China Computer Society and member of China Logistics Society. Yuxin has published papers and led research projects, including the National Social Science Foundation Project. He also provides e-commerce and digital economy advisory services to local government departments and enterprises.


Asha Sinare

Asha Sinare, Director of Training and Business Consulting at ECLA AFRICA CONSULT and Senior Associate at Christom Solutions, brings experience from managing Sinaki Solutions Limited and working at Lindam Group Limited and Scicom Berhad in Malaysia. She is certified in team facilitation and psychometrics assessment by Thomas International and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Commerce and a Master of Science in Business Development and Entrepreneurship. Asha is an adept instructor in various areas including leadership, change management, and emotional intelligence.

Bright Mziray

Bright is a skilled professional in economics and marketing with a degree in International Economics and Tourism. Notably, he played a key role in establishing Equity Bank Tanzania's social media presence and boosting their digital outreach. His experience as a Capacity Builder in Financial Literacy with the International Labor Organization allowed him to train and mentor numerous entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs as part of a Swiss contact and ILO project from 2016 to 2018.

Hance Njobelo

Hance Njobelo, an Agribusiness Consultant and Mentor, collaborates with international organizations like USAID, JICA, and the European Union. He transitioned from managing HD AGRIBUSINESS to consultancy in 2017, focusing on empowering youth and women in agribusiness. He is actively involved in initiatives like the Young and Alive Initiative, co-founded Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO), and currently mentors horticulture businesses, driving positive change and innovation in agribusiness.


Your Partner in Building Future-Ready Capabilities